Save time with KEES Vacations. Just call 866.316.1843, receive your door code and head to your vacation rental.
It is that easy.

KEES Vacations utilizes a keyless entry system to all of our Ocean City condos. Your check-in is performed by email or over the phone. No waiting in lines or congested parking for check-in. Your door lock code will begin working at your properties check-in time on your arrival date. You may go directly to your condo at this time.

First time checking-in with KEES?
To the left is a photo of what you can expect to see on your arrival.

Bay Club Resort: Check-in time is 6 PM on your arrival date.
Lucayan Resort: Check-in time is 5 PM on your arrival date.
Sandy Square Resort: Check-in time is 4 PM on your arrival date.
Early check-ins are not available. Guests should call 866.316.1843 on their day of check-in, if they have not received their check-in welcome letter via email.

Bay Club Resort: Check-out time is 12 PM on your departure date.
Lucayan Resort: Check-out time is 10 AM on your departure date.
Sandy Square Resort: Check-out time is 10 AM on your departure date.
Please observe this rule, as our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare for our next arrival. Upon leaving, please secure all windows and doors, wash dishes, strip beds, and remove all trash from your rental accommodations by disposing of it in the appropriate receptacle. Your lock code will stop working at your properties check-out time.

Other questions or just want to talk?
Call KEES Vacation Rentals: 866.316.1843